The Kitabwala Sign Board for No Parking Of In Front Of gate


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We Used Most Durable Sun Board. 

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No Parking boards are put on the society gate. It is a form of mass branding. Every time a person passes through a gate he will notice the ad. Since the boards are put in the entire area they form a good medium of brand hammering. Thus , as and when the need arises for a particular product, the person will prefer advertiser’s brand, since he has noticed the brand multiple times.

Also its a very cost effective medium, as the entire campaign will cost probably only 1/10th of the budget of a Hoarding .

  • Size: 12 inch x 8 inch approx
  • With easy installation
  • All Signs and symbols used as per norms
  • Premium Quality product
  • We Used Most Durable Sun Board. Sun board have long life compared to Sunpack Sheet. We not used that sunpack sheet that life maximum a month and sun board life more than 10 times. 

After placing the order wait for design confirmation mail within working two days

We also provide simple design service free. but logo you have to send. Design Service only in Hindi & English. for another language you have send design format in pdf and jpeg both

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PRODUCTION TIME & Dispatched in 5 – 9 Working Days • Production Capacity : 10000

PACKING DETAILS :◘ Inner Layer : Product Covered In Brown Corrugated Sheet ◘ Outer Layer : Waterproof White & Transparent Wrap With PVC Sheet

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