Promotional Leather Keychain RRP 262 New

Promotional Leather Keychain RRP 262 New

Minimum order quantity 500 pcs

Pricing per Quantity:

  • 500 pieces: ₹8.60 each
  • 1000 pieces: ₹8.40 each
  • 2000 pieces: ₹8.25 each
  • 3000 pieces: ₹8.10 each
  • 5000 pieces: ₹7.95 each
  • 10000 pieces: ₹7.80 each

Additional Charges:

  • Die Charges: ₹380 extra per side
  • 18% GST (Goods and Services Tax) is applicable on the total order amount.
  • Delivery charges are extra and will be calculated based on your location and order size.

Graphic Design Services:

  • Graphic design charges are ₹100
  • For orders of 1000 pieces or more, graphic design services are provided free of charge.

Please note that the prices are subject to change, and the final cost will depend on your specific order details.


Product Description

Promotional Leather Keychain RRP 262 New

Unlock the power of timeless elegance and brand recognition with our exquisite custom leather keychains. Crafted to perfection, our personalized leather keychains are more than just accessories; they’re a statement of quality and style that reflects your brand’s commitment to excellence.

Imprint your logo, slogan, or message on these meticulously designed leather keychains, and watch as your brand becomes a constant companion in the daily lives of your clients, partners, and employees.

Our leather keychains are more than just a means to organize keys; they’re a tangible embodiment of your brand’s values and standards. With a variety of colors, textures, and designs to choose from, you can tailor these keychains to match your brand’s aesthetic seamlessly.

Whether you’re looking to strengthen client relationships, reward employees, or leave a lasting impression at trade shows and events, our promotional leather keychains are the perfect choice. These sophisticated, durable accessories make for memorable corporate gifts and giveaways.

Invest in quality. Invest in style. Invest in your brand. Explore our exclusive collection of custom leather keychains today and elevate your brand’s presence.

This longer description provides more information about the keychains, their customization options, and the benefits they offer to businesses.

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