Promotional Photo Frame Mdf wooden ( RAP 263) New

Minimum Order Quanitity 100
Every Pcs Box Packing
Rates For 100 – 59 Rs
Rates For 300 – 56 Rs
Rates For 1000 – 54 Rs
Outer Packing and Forwarding Extra

18 % Gst Extra.

Product Description

A “Promotional Photo Frame MDF Wooden” is a decorative and customizable photo frame made from Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF), a type of engineered wood. This frame is designed for promotional purposes, which means it is often used to display images, logos, or messages for marketing or branding purposes. Here’s a more detailed description of such a product:
1. Material : The photo frame is constructed from MDF, a cost-effective and versatile wood-based material. MDF is known for its smooth surface and durability.
2. Design : The frame typically has a clean and simple design that can complement various interior styles. It may feature a flat or contoured profile, depending on the intended aesthetic.
3. Customizability : This frame is well-suited for promotional purposes because it can be customized with branding elements. You can print or engrave logos, slogans, or any other promotional content directly onto the frame.
4. Size : Promotional photo frames can come in various sizes to accommodate different photo dimensions. Common sizes include 4×6 inches, 5×7 inches, and 8×10 inches, but custom sizes are also available.
5. Finish : The MDF frame can be finished in various ways, including paint, laminate, or veneer, to achieve different textures and looks. The choice of finish can influence the frame’s appearance.
6. Back Stand or Wall Mount : These frames usually come with a back stand for tabletop display, making them suitable for both horizontal and vertical photos. They may also have wall-mounting options for hanging on walls.
7. Promotional Use : The primary purpose of this photo frame is to promote a brand, event, or message. It can be used as a marketing tool to showcase products, commemorate special events, or simply reinforce a company’s visual identity.
8. Versatility : While designed for promotional purposes, these frames can also be used for personal photo displays, making them versatile decorative items.
In summary, a “Promotional Photo Frame MDF Wooden” is a versatile and customizable photo frame made of MDF, designed for branding and marketing purposes. It’s a cost-effective way to showcase images or messages while adding a decorative touch to any space.
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