Promotional Piggy Bank cum money box

Minimum Order Quantity 50
For 50 quantity 86 Rs
For 100 quantity 80 Rs
For 200 quantity 76 Rs
18% Gst Extra
Outer Box, Packing Charges & Cartage Charge Extra.
Above given Rate Is ex Rate.

Product Description

A promotional piggy bank cum money box is a marketing or promotional item that combines the traditional concept of a piggy bank with additional features or branding to serve as a promotional tool for a business or organization. It’s a creative way to encourage saving while also promoting a brand, product, or event.
Here are some key features and considerations for a promotional piggy bank cum money box:
1. Design : The design of the piggy bank should align with your brand or the theme of your promotion. It can be customized with your logo, colors, and any relevant graphics or text.
2. Materials : Piggy banks can be made from various materials, such as plastic, ceramic, or metal. Choose a material that suits your budget and promotional goals. Ceramic piggy banks are often more durable and can be used as decorative items.
3. Size : Consider the size of the piggy bank. A larger size might encourage people to save more money, but it can also be more expensive to produce. Smaller piggy banks are more portable and can be given away at events or as part of promotions.
4. Functionality : The term “cum money box” suggests that it may have additional features beyond being a traditional piggy bank. For example, it could have a slot for coins and a separate compartment for bills, or it could come with a lock and key for added security.
5. Promotional Message : Use the piggy bank to convey a promotional message or call to action. This could be a slogan, a reminder to save, or information about your product or event.
6. Distribution : Determine how you’ll distribute these piggy banks. They can be given away as promotional gifts at trade shows, conferences, or events, or they can be included as part of a purchase promotion.
7. Customization : Personalization is key to making your promotional piggy banks stand out. Ensure that your branding and messaging are prominently featured.
8. Target Audience : Consider who your target audience is when designing the piggy bank. Make sure the design and message resonate with them.
9. Budget : Set a budget for your promotional piggy banks, taking into account the cost of customization, materials, and distribution.
10. Tracking : If possible, track the effectiveness of your promotional piggy bank campaign to measure its impact on brand awareness or sales.
Overall, a promotional piggy bank cum money box is a fun and memorable way to promote your business or cause while encouraging saving. It can serve as a tangible reminder of your brand or message, making it a valuable promotional tool.
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