Promotional Wall Clock New - "RAP 25"

Minimum Order Quantity 50
For 50 quantity 120 Rs
For 100 quantity 115 Rs
For 200 quantity 110 Rs
For 300 quantity 105 Rs
18% Gst Extra
Outer Box, Packing Charges & Cartage Charge Extra.
Above given Rate Is ex Rate.

Product Description

Introducing our exquisite and meticulously crafted Promotional Wall Clock, a timeless masterpiece that not only tells time but also elevates the aesthetic appeal of any space it graces. This exceptional timepiece seamlessly marries form and function, making it the perfect addition to your home, office, or any environment where sophistication and style are paramount.
Crafted with Precision:
Our Promotional Wall Clock is a testament to the artistry of clockmaking. Each clock is painstakingly assembled with the utmost precision, using only the highest quality materials. The clock’s frame is constructed from durable and eco-friendly materials, ensuring longevity and sustainability. The impeccable craftsmanship shines through in every detail, from the finely polished hands to the flawless finish of the frame.
Sweeping Quartz Movement:
Experience the precision of timekeeping with our advanced quartz movement technology. The sweeping motion of the second hand is not only mesmerizing but also ensures that time is measured with utmost accuracy. You can trust our Promotional Wall Clock to keep you punctual, day after day.
Elegant Design:
Our Promotional Wall Clock boasts a design that effortlessly blends classic elegance with modern aesthetics. The clean and minimalist dial features large, easy-to-read numerals, making it a practical addition to any room. The clock face is protected by a crystal-clear glass cover that enhances visibility and adds a touch of sophistication.
Custom Branding:
Elevate your brand presence with our customizable Promotional Wall Clock. Whether you’re looking to impress clients in your office, create a memorable giveaway for an event, or enhance your retail space, our clock can be tailored to meet your branding needs. Add your company logo, slogan, or any message you desire to create a lasting impression.
Versatile Placement:
This Promotional Wall Clock is designed to complement various settings. It can be hung on a wall in your office boardroom, placed in your living room as a statement piece, or even displayed in your storefront to draw customers in. Its versatile design ensures that it seamlessly adapts to any environment, adding a touch of sophistication wherever it goes.
Perfect Gift:
Looking for a gift that’s both practical and elegant? Our Promotional Wall Clock is an ideal choice. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, honoring an employee, or expressing gratitude to a valued client, this clock is a timeless symbol of appreciation.
Invest in Excellence:
When you choose our Promotional Wall Clock, you’re not just acquiring a timepiece; you’re investing in excellence. This clock is a testament to quality, precision, and style, making it the perfect addition to any space and an exceptional representation of your brand.
Elevate your surroundings and make a lasting impression with our Promotional Wall Clock. Discover the perfect blend of functionality and elegance, and let time be an artful expression of your brand’s identity. Choose quality. Choose sophistication. Choose our Promotional Wall Clock.
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