Wooden Promotional Table Clock cum Pen Stand PS-106

Minimum Order Quantity 60
For 60 quantity 220 Rs
For 100 quantity 200 Rs
For 200 quantity 190 Rs
For 300 quantity 180 Rs
18% Gst Extra
Outer Box, Packing Charges & Cartage Charge Extra.
Above given Rate Is ex Rate.

Product Description

A wooden promotional table clock cum pen stand is a multi-functional desk accessory often used for promotional purposes or as a corporate gift. It typically combines a clock with a pen stand, making it a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to an office or workspace.

Here are some common features and characteristics of such a product:

1. Material : As the name suggests, it is made of wood, which can vary in type and finish. Common wood types include oak, mahogany, bamboo, or pine, and the finish can be natural, stained, or varnished.

2. Clock : The clock part of the product can be analog (with clock hands) or digital, depending on the design. It may have features like an alarm function or temperature display, depending on the specific model.

3. Pen Stand : The pen stand is an integral part of this product. It provides a convenient place to store pens, pencils, markers, or other writing instruments. The design can vary, with slots or compartments for pens and other stationery items.

4. Promotional or Branding : These items are often customized with a company’s logo, name, or a promotional message. They are commonly given away as promotional gifts at trade shows, conferences, or as corporate gifts to employees and clients.

5. Size and Design : The size and design of the wooden promotional table clock cum pen stand can vary widely. Some may have a traditional or antique look, while others may have a modern and sleek design. The choice depends on the intended audience and branding goals.

6. Functionality : Besides telling time and holding pens, some models may include additional features like a calendar, memo pad, or sticky note holder.

7. Battery or Wind-Up : Analog clocks may require winding, while digital ones usually run on batteries. The type of clock mechanism depends on the specific design.

8. Cost : The cost of such a product can vary significantly depending on the quality of materials used, the complexity of the design, and any additional features.

In summary, a wooden promotional table clock cum pen stand is a versatile desk accessory that combines the functionality of a clock with a convenient pen stand. It is often customized for promotional purposes and can be a thoughtful and practical gift for clients, employees, or business associates.

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