Knitting Pin/Needle Single Point Round Knob Aluminium Set of 7 No (Length 35 cm)


  • Ratnesh Knitting Pin are used as a tool in hand knitting to produce knitted fabric.
  • It is a slender, straight stick tapered to a point at the end with a round knob at the other end to prevent the stitches from slipping off.
  • The Long shaft holds the active stitches of the fabric to prevent them from unraveling, whereas the tapered ends are used to form new stiches.


Knitting needle – no 7, length – 35 Cm, pair of 2, aluminium, for making woolen artifacts like sweaters, mufflers, caps is an essential tool for learning and practicing knitting. Ratnesh & Company brings you this useful tool for motivating your kids in working with their hand creating good artifacts.


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